Our premier TotalServSM program is an all-inclusive service contract covering equipment planning, maintenance and service for a single annual contract fee. This includes everything from cleanings and structured preventative maintenance programs to travel, labor and parts charges for service calls. TotalServSM provides a comprehensive solution that reduces branch equipment costs while improving service levels and preserving standards. While originally intended to cover security equipment only, TotalServSM contracts are now available for automation equipment including the TCR and MX8800.

TotalServSM Program-Specific Benefits For Industry-Leading Service Levels

The TotalServSM solution provides a premier level of service unparalleled in the industry which offers clients distinct benefits including:

  • Dedicated Client Service Teams.
  • Priority Dispatch.
  • Guaranteed Response Times.
  • Dedicated Emergency Inventory.
  • Out-of-Production Parts.

Preventative Maintenance For Minimal Downtime

Structured preventative maintenance ensures that we catch minor problems before they become tomorrow’s equipment failures, reducing equipment downtime for enhanced operational efficiency. A comprehensive BranchPMSM program is an essential component of the TotalServSM approach and includes:

  • Annual Inspection. Features a detailed 150-point inspection covering every operating and wear component of the branch’s security and/or automation equipment inventory.
  • Equipment Cleaning. Includes a wipe-down of all customer-facing equipment to ensure that the branch presents the best possible appearance to end customers.
  • Digital Image Library for Installed Base. Enables bank facilities managers and security professionals at headquarters to better ensure compliance to bank standards at the branch level.
  • Capital Budgeting/Equipment Utilization. Intensive annual records review highlights opportunities where equipment investment/upgrade is justified by projected payback, and where it is not. Supports optimal branch efficiency.

Accurate Cost Estimating For Better Budgeting

By virtually eliminating per transaction costs and the administrative overhead that goes along with them, we radically reduce management complexity and back-office costs of service. We redirect those resources towards improving your service levels, lowering the overall costs of service, and reducing equipment downtime. Because there are few variable charges under the TotalServSM program, budgeted service expense is highly predictable and reliable. Furthermore, our Client Service Teams also work hand-in-hand with TotalServSM clients to develop and refine annual capital budgets to support institutional objectives.


Our premier TotalServ program is an all-inclusive service contract covering equipment planning, maintenance and service for a single annual contract fee.
BranchPM program leverages proactive equipment care to optimize the efficiency of branch equipment, maintain standards and enhance the end-customer experience.
OnDemand clients have access to industry-leading service due to our team of highly experienced technicians and our extensive parts inventories—and at discounted time and material rates.