Specialized Solutions & Safepak

Service is the cornerstone of the BranchServ organization. Installation and project management are par for the course with any equipment purchase, and we take care of all rigging, staging, integration, testing and training. But we recognize that sometimes our clients need something “extra” from us in support of their physical security equipment. We gladly deliver via our specialized equipment and service solutions.

What do you do when you need something outside the normal scope of security products or services? Unique problems call for unique solutions.

Thinking Outside of the Box— Unique Security Solutions for Your Financial Institution

The Safepak Solution For Night Depository Efficiencies BranchServ offers the Safepak solution for night depositories which streamlines pick-ups and processing; delivering a compelling ROI.  Self-locking bags have integrated electronic monitoring.  Read more about Safepak, a BranchServ brand and its benefits in our Resource Center or check out the SafePak website here.

Decommissioning Program For Branch Closings
BranchServ provides complete project management executed in accordance with customer timelines. Decommissioning services include site surveys, safe deposit box drillings, and branch equipment removal/disposal/relocation.

Escheatment Program For Safe Deposit Box Management
BranchServ aggregates your escheatment needs and tackles them methodically to contain your costs. We will customize an escheatment program that works within your timeframe, in accordance with your protocol and in sync with your reporting requirements.

Key Management Program For Gated Access to Copies
BranchServ provides secure storage for copies of customer night deposit keys and guard keys at our North Carolina lock shop. Customers can access copies with expedience and efficiency.

Lock Services Program For Lock Repair
BranchServ trained technicians are equipped to provide all routine repairs and locksmith services on-site. All specialized or obsolete lockwork is attended to at our central lock shop with Master Locksmith oversight.

Managed Services For Transitional Equipment Management
BranchServ is there to assist when customers have branches in transition. We can provide upfront equipment appraisals and assistance with equipment recycling, storage and even centralized warehousing.

Services to Address Your Specific Needs
Service is in our name, so if there is something you need that you don’t see here, just ask.

Need help with something you don’t see on our list? Just ask. At BranchServ we live to serve.


Asset Protection
In a financial services environment, it is imperative to ensure secure containment of cash and customer valuables.
Drive-Up Security
Drive-ups are an important extension of the customer experience, especially now.
Lobby & Exterior Security
Banks and credit unions need to be secure inside and out.