Lobby and Exterior Security

Banks and credit unions need to be secure inside and out.

BranchServ provides:

After Hours Depositories
For Secure After-Hours Transactions

BranchServ encourages institutions to maximize customer convenience by providing secure deposit capabilities after-hours. Solutions adhere to the highest of security standards, but are customized to accommodate site requirements.

And adding the Safepak System inside the night depository markedly streamlines the process of pick-ups and processing; delivering a compelling ROI. Self-locking bags have integrated electronic monitoring. Read more about Safepak, a BranchServ Brand and its benefits in our Resource Center or check out the SafePak website here.

Entry Portals
For Controlled Access

BranchServ recommends bullet resistant portals for point-of-entry at high-risk urban banks and credit unions. Integrating metal detectors allows financial institutions to move beyond the concept of a simple mantrap, and elevate the level of security for both employees and customers.

Undercounter Steel
For Organization and Security

BranchServ’s undercounter steel offerings adhere to the highest design and construction standards. Ultimately, our modular cabinets and pedestals complement the aesthetic of your facility, while ensuring both functionality and security. Quality, flexibility and integrity are guaranteed in everything we sell.