Asset Protection

In a financial services environment, it is imperative to
ensure secure containment of cash and customer valuables.

BranchServ provides:

The Cornerstone of Bank Security

Through our sister company, industry leader, CustomVault, BranchServ offers UL Class M, 1, 2, 3 & GSA rated vault solutions for financial services applications including:

  • LightWeight™ Solutions. Laminated panel systems that can be installed virtually anywhere, even in tight, existing footprints where access by heavy equipment is limited.
  • MegaVault™ Solutions. Concrete reinforced modular panels systems for traditional slab-on-grade applications and optimal cost efficiency.

All vault solutions satisfy regulatory requirements and optimize operational efficiency.

Safes and Lockers
For Cash Security

BranchServ offers a variety of high-security standard safes that protect against theft and/or fire with ratings of TL-15, TL-30 and TR/TL 30×6. In addition, we custom-configure any plate or composite safe to meet the project’s size requirements.

We also offer heavy-gauge modular lockers with custom configuration to optimize flexibility, economy and appearance without sacrificing security. Protection is further ensured via numerous lock options.

Safe Deposit Boxes
For Valuables and Documents

BranchServ is dedicated to providing well-made, high-security safe deposit boxes that optimize available space and allow banks to serve all customers that seek this option. Boxes are secured with locks that adhere to institutional requirements.