Access Control

Access control systems monitor and restrict access to facilities and areas within via identity management. Ultimately, this allows your
institution to move beyond managing doors, and, instead, secure branches, people and assets without breaking the bank.

BranchServ Convergint has a comprehensive access control portfolio of offerings including new PCI compliant solutions and
technologies that integrate biometrics with near-field technology for a touchless option.

Access control is complicated but with our team of Application Engineers, BranchServ Convergint is able to offer both solutions and advice. Check out:

Banking Industry Pain Points and How to Address Them

Access Control Solutions for Security and Savings

BranchServ Convergint offers state-of-the-art, fully customized access control solutions* that deter both external and internal threats, reduce liability and increase control via their ability to execute:

  • An audit trail that provides a time and date stamped record of every open or open attempt
  • Customized restrictions to control date and time of accessibility
  • Automated locking/unlocking of doors or gates at specified intervals
  • Real time changes to access permissions
  • Real time remote viewing and control
  • Integration with alarm and video

The average branch incurs $800-1000 annually in rekeying expenses. By utilizing a common key approach, the financial and security implications for your institution can be even more significant. On the contrary, if you use a keyless system, a lost fob can be deactivated in mere minutes – with no additional cost or disruption of business. The payout for the access control investment is clear.

Vendor Access Management

BranchServ Convergint offers an intuitive vendor access management solution that improves retail efficiencies without sacrificing security for your financial institution. Much like a Knox box, the system is mounted on the exterior wall of the branch. Access to the door key is controlled via a Smartphone App. The whole process takes less than a minute, and allows branches to reduce vendor meets and manage/authenticate access remotely.

*Includes keypads, readers, controllers. Access options: cards, fobs, biometrics.

Brands Include:


Access Control
Access control systems monitor and restrict access to facilities and areas within via identity management.
Alarm Systems
Reliability is considered the most critical factor in alarm system selection.
Video Surveillance
Video surveillance systems are a highly effective line of defense for your bank or credit union; providing deterrence, early detection of potential dangers and rapid intervention to minimize damage.