Ensure that the customer’s experience with your self-service automation reinforces a positive brand impression.

For unattended self-service at your branches or at satellite banking locations, BranchServ offers the Monimax 7600T from Nautilus Hyosung, for industry-leading capability, flexibility, security, and dependability.  The 7600T is:

Capable: With end-to-end deposit automation and a migration path for institutions with a vision.  Designed to support multifunctional services, the unit includes a cash acceptor, check scanner and envelope depository.

Flexible: With a flexible safe door swing and adjustable deposit processing technologies to accommodate cardholder preferences.

Secure: With a UL291 Level 1 safe, safe door enhancements, privacy screen, and optional security cameras.

Dependable: With customer transaction completion as part of its efficient shut-down due to power loss.   And its structural integrity makes it ideal for weather-facing walk-up deployments.

For streamlined cash replenishment procedure and cost savings, BranchServ offers the Safepak CashBar for installation with cassettes.