Windows 10 Enabled ATMs

Now, more than ever, customer facing technology like ATMs is playing a more significant role in the customer experience for your institution.

Ensure that the interaction with your self-service automation reinforces a positive brand impression.

BranchServ offers a full-line of ATM products from our partner Nautilus Hyosung.  See everything we’ve got right here. 

Notably, for unattended self-service at your branches or at satellite banking locations, BranchServ offers the Windows 10 enabled Monimax 7600 Series from Nautilus Hyosung, for industry-leading capability, flexibility, security, and dependability.

7600 Series:


Capability: With end-to-end deposit automation and a migration path for institutions with a vision.  Designed to support multifunctional services, the unit includes a cash acceptor, check scanner and envelope depository.

Flexibility: With a flexible safe door swing and adjustable deposit processing technologies to accommodate cardholder preferences, the 7600 series is offered in a multitude of configurations including the 7600T for exterior walk-ups, 7600XL for in-lobby installations, 7600 TAXL for full-function through-the-wall, 7600 DAXL for drive-ups and the 7600 IXL for islands.

Security: With a UL291 Level 1 safe, safe door enhancements, privacy screen, and optional security cameras.

Dependability: With customer transaction completion as part of its efficient shut-down due to power loss.   And its structural integrity makes it ideal for weather-facing walk-up deployments. For streamlined cash replenishment procedure and cost savings, BranchServ offers the Safepak CashBar for installation with cassettes.

Future Proofing via Hybrid ATM Technology – 7800 Series

If you want to consider the most flexible and forward-thinking ATM program consider this… you can elect to utilize the 7800 Series in full function mode now, ‘future proofing’ your ATM fleet with the option to upgrade to advanced functionality when ready – accessing cash recycling, tablet compatibility and video. This hybrid solution has high cash dispense capability and support for large mixed media deposits. Furthermore, it is:

  • Windows 10 Enabled
  • Fully Certified
  • Flexible to Meet Your Configuration Needs
  • Complemented by our First and Second Line and Managed Service Options

The 7800 series is an increasingly common consideration for FIs reassessing their hardware in anticipation of the 2020 Windows 10 deadline.  You may want “like for like” now but also recognize that with evolving consumer needs and expectations, you would be wise to plan for change.

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