Advanced Terminals

As the post-pandemic banking world reevaluates the branch footprint and changes in consumer behavior, customer facing technology like the advanced terminal has moved
to the forefront of conversation.  Talk to us about why.

Core integrated advanced terminal technology translates to a self-service first model that supports the user experience and reduces reliance on branch or video resources for optimal efficiencies.
Furthermore it helps your institution break through competitive clutter and connect with customers, employees and the community at large.

MX8800 and 7800 Series

The MX8800 and 7800 from BranchServ provide forward facing technology that:

  • Improves customer relationships.
  • Elevates branch efficiencies.
  • Creates an opportunity for your institution to establish real technological leadership in your community.

Assisted self-service automation sourced from Nautilus Hyosung is indeed both convenient and comprehensive, supporting a breadth of transaction options from account withdrawals to loan payments.  The technology is intuitive, giving customers the choice of banking with or without assistance, and the reduction in redundancy and resource drain for your institution empowers employees to really focus on expanding customer relationships. Furthermore, utilizing the MX8800 in-lobby unit and 7800i drive-up unit allows your institution to manage the use of video support services as a true complement to in-branch assistance, as opposed to a substitute.
This next generation technology is:

User-Friendly: With a familiar wide-screen and interactive technology, and a very short learning curve to support customer adoption.

Integrated: With the ability to integrate with both core and ATM networks for expanded reach and extensive transactional capability.

Secure: With a comprehensive transaction initiation protocol, privacy screen and other physical security features that provide both institutions and customers with peace-of-mind.

High Capacity: With high cash dispense capability and support for large mixed media deposits.

Advanced Automation Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies and More

Drilling Down to Specifics: Advanced Automation – Product Sheets

The Concept of Future Proofing

What if you want to future proof your fleet, but aren’t quite ready for advanced functionality?  This is an increasingly common question as banks reassess their hardware in light of the 2020 Windows 10 deadline.  You may want “like for like” now but also recognize that with evolving consumer needs and expectations, you would be wise to plan for change.

Read more about why this is important!

The 7800 series can meet your needs now AND later with unique technology that allows you to postpone the transition from full functionality to advanced.   Talk to us about how this works.  No obligation, just information.  Reach out here.


MX8200QT Smart Branch Solution

For branches with lower foot traffic and/or space constraints, the MX8200QT delivers an optimal customer experience in the context of a small footprint.  Now every branch in your network can benefit from increased efficiencies and improved customer relationships.  Read more here.

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