BranchServ is now a part of Convirgint Technoliges

Branch Transformation & Automation

Improve service, efficiencies and profitability with automation technology from BranchServ.

Your customers are changing the way they do business, and the way they bank. The branch still matters, but it needs to evolve to accommodate consumer demands in order to remain competitive. Furthermore, optimizing efficiencies is essential to success in an industry marked by increasing labor costs and pressure on the bottom line. BranchServ offers automation solutions that can meet both service and operational objectives to transform your branch and your business!

Consulting/Design BranchServ works collaboratively with you to evaluate your needs and opportunities, with consideration for your customer base, your competition, your internal systems and your budget.  We then recommend branch layouts and equipment that will position you for success.

Integrated Equipment Our suite of automation products is comprised of the very best in self-service and assisted self-service technologies.  Our cash recyclers and ITMs are industry-leading and offer unsurpassed capabilities, security, user-friendliness and value with the promise to transform retail results. These are a strong supplement to full function ATMs like the 7600 AND hybrid technology like the 7800 series which allows banks and credit unions to future-proof their ATM fleets.  

Service Service is the cornerstone of BranchServ’s business.  We begin with high-level project management that ensures timely and seamless implementation, and provide oversight for complete integration with all systems, processes and other equipment in the branch.

Automation Solutions

Connect with your customers in a whole new way with self-service and assisted self-service automation from BranchServ.  With these new technologies, branch design becomes more efficient, transactional labor requirements are better managed, and institutions are able to focus on relationships and cross-selling opportunities. Embrace the future of banking with BranchServ, a Hyosung Preferred Partner!

BranchServ Provides: