We have a reputation for being fully invested in the outcome for our customers, with a culture that begins and ends with you. So how does this align with our
acquisition by Convergint? In a word, perfectly.

Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. This foundation is indeed the basis for the company’s success today. Each element is both simple and powerful. Not one of the ten is necessarily more important than the other. That said, ‘We Expect To Be Our Customers’ Best Service Provider’ is the very cornerstone of Convergint’s business model.  And we could not agree more with its importance. In fact, this alignment of vision and values is what drove BranchServ to become BranchServ Convergint. As such, we have adopted the following Vs & Bs:

Executive Team

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“Before coming to BranchServ Convergint, I worked for our largest competitor where I was measured on how much revenue I generated from a service call. That often put me at odds with what was best for my clients. At BranchServ Convergint, I am measure only on customer satisfaction. That puts me completely on the customer’s side. If I can save the customer money by fabricating a part for a piece of out-of-production equipment, then I have the resources and corporate support to do it.”

- Jonnie Hill, Territory Manager, BranchServ Convergint employee since 2005