Charting the Unknown:
Future-Proofing Your FI

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The future is unwritten – but far from unknowable. Amidst churning technological disruption and changing consumer preferences, FIs are having to contend with dramatic and sudden shifts that pose serious operational challenges. But where there is peril, there is also opportunity: If FIs can harness trends in technological innovation while keeping their focus on service, they can effectively “future-proof” themselves against the hazards of time.

In our latest eBook, “Charting the Unknown: Future-Proofing Your FI,” we address FIs moving away from utilizing ATMs for basic services to an integrated approach of Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) and universal bankers working side by side to best address client’s needs. This change is all but inevitable in the long-term, and FIs should be prepared for the switch from an ATM to an ITM so they are ready to serve their customers the day they begin to demand their advanced capabilities. Inside you will find information on:

  • The future of ATMs and the battle for expense containment
  • The rise of the ITMs and universal banker
  • How service strategy can drive operational savings
  • Strategic deployment of functionality

Want to learn more about why ITMs are an essential part of your FI’s future-proofing strategy? Download the eBook today.