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What Defines an Industry Leader?

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What is the true definition of success? Much like the meaning of life or what makes a good day great, the answer is subject to interpretation. In today's "money makes the world go 'round" society, many would point to wealth as a sign of accomplishment. Well-known essayist and poet extraordinaire Ralph Waldo Emerson, however, believed that winning "the respect of intelligent people" and "find[ing] the best in others" were more deep-rooted manifestations of true triumph.

Here at BranchServ, we believe that to truly succeed, you also need to lead. We were recently recognized in this regard by Nautilus Hyosung, a leader in its own right, and the acknowledgment is something we consider a huge success.

Nautilus Hysoung called out BranchServ as one of its most valued partners by awarding them two times over. BranchServ received both their Trailblazer Award and the highly coveted Waste Management Award; the latter a tongue-in-cheek reference to BranchServ's success with recycling ATM technology implementation.

"To truly succeed, you also need to lead."

Andrew Ryan, Vice President of Dealer Channel Sales at Hyosung, offered his congratulations and appreciation for their leadership in the field.

"We are fortunate and proud to partner with BranchServ," Ryan said at the December meeting in Dallas, Texas. "Their dedication to helping customers understand and implement technology that delivers great return on investment and exceptional customer experience is outstanding. These awards reflect the results of that dedication."

Leadership and dedication go hand-in-hand. What else does it take to lead the industrial charge? In many respects, corporate leadership requires the same traits and core competencies that Americans think of when it comes to leadership qualities in people: determination, trust, excellence, grit and desire. This is fueled by collective teamwork, vision and execution.

BranchServ more than meets the mark in each of these characterizations, starting with teamwork:

BranchServ has helped thousands of banks and credit unions reach and surpass their potential by partnering with them every step along the way and providing the resources, training and equipment for all of their electronic security, physical security and branch transformation needs. By forging and nurturing strong alliances with vendors like Hyosung and customers, we have experienced double-digit growth for five straight years and now serve an increasing number of community banks and credit unions nationwide, and 6 of the 10 largest branch banking networks nationwide.

Few could have imagined the state of banking as it stands today. Indeed, not so long ago, retail banking was focused on the branch, and the customer relationship was relegated to over-the-counter conversation. Today, online banking has become as important as brick-and-mortar and is often paired with face-to-face services. Consumers demand omnichannel access and a consistent high-quality customer experience, both in and out of the branch. BranchServ remains at the forefront of in-branch technological innovation and specializes in customized equipment integration by making informed recommendations, whether they be focused on our suite of automation and self-service technologies or are more focused on security. We always have our clients' interest in mind first and foremost.

Because we had the vision to see the big picture and invest in what was then up and coming technology, our customers benefit with the state-of-the-art equipment that consumers demand. BranchServ's forward-thinking mindset is what has enabled us to be more effective in future-proofing.

Access to and investment in next-generation technology isn't enough in the financial services world. You also need to be able to deliver by putting those pieces in place. That's done through service, which as our name suggests, is the cornerstone of what we do at BranchServ. We have the footprint, resources, experience and project management to implement pieces and processes so they're in place when you need them to be. Our technicians average more than a decade of industry service and are cross-trained in a multitude of disciplines. In short, just as we have the means to service your equipment, our expertise in execution makes us equipped to serve.

Similar to how success begets success, leadership engenders leadership. BranchServ is committed to helping you become a leader, wherever you seek to make strides in performance and ROI. Please contact us to learn more.