Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts

Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts

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As 2021 nears its end during one of the more challenging two-year periods in recent memory, there’s plenty to be frustrated about, particularly as it pertains to the economy and the supply chain. But with the worst of the coronavirus impacts now in the rearview mirror — there’s so much more to be grateful for. And that’s especially true for us at BranchServ Convergint.

We’re in a very different world today than we were even in 2020, both within the financial industry in general and BranchServ Convergint in particular. Small, midsize and large banks — as well as credit unions — nationwide are leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like never before, as the pace of digital transformation has intensified, in line with the growth in self-service banking that the pandemic fueled. BranchServ Convergint is happy to serve our customer base in meeting automation needs as a complement to more traditional physical and electronic security. And we are pleased to know that many are embracing new opportunities, moving on from their seemingly singular focus on disaster-recovery mere months ago.

“We have stood by our customers, and our customers have stood by us.”

Through it all, we have stood by our customers, and they have stood by us. Since our founding, BranchServ Convergint’s success has been rooted in our ability to recognize what obstacles lie in our clients’ way and helping turn those same problems into opportunities for improvement when paired with the proper solution. This has resonated with all of you.

Your loyalty means the world to us, and now that we are part of the Convergint family, we’re all in a position to grow together.

Stronger together
As many of you know, BranchServ and CustomVault were acquired by Convergint earlier this year. And while we’ve been together for only six months, it really does feel like we’re reconnecting with long-lost friends. Service has always been at the core of everything we do at BranchServ Convergint, and that culture of service is every bit as important to Convergint as a whole. From what Convergint does in the community — including Social Responsibility Day — to its key corporate values and beliefs, Convergint is a proven leader and backs up its service-first culture with service-first actions. We couldn’t be prouder or more appreciative of this incredible opportunity to join forces and help our customers become the best version of themselves. That’s just what we intend to do in 2022, and we’re in a better position than ever to deliver now that BranchServ and Convergint are together. While our name may be changed to Convergint in January, we remain dedicated to your success.

Once again, we’re immensely grateful for our customers’ support, and we look forward to growing with you in 2022 and beyond. Happy Holidays to you and yours.