A centralized managed access control system blends simplicity with security.

Simplify and Streamline with Managed Access Control

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Representing the lion's share of all banks in the U.S. — as much as 99% of them, according to the Independent Community Bankers of America — community banks are societies unto themselves. Made up of differing personalities and positions, responsibilities and roles, community banks thrive on their employees and their customers.

That said, shifts are a natural occurrence and need to be anticipated. Employment in the banking sector overall has been classified as highly dynamic; people regularly move up the organizational ladder, go on extended leave, or relocate. More importantly, it is not uncommon for employees to move on to other opportunities. In fact, employee retention is a critical industry issue. Turnover has more than doubled over the past six years among both non-officer and officer positions, according to a recent survey led by Crowe, LLP.

When your financial institution does experience employee turnover, the face of your facility changes. As such, who "holds the keys" to your FI's vaults, deposit boxes, back offices and storage closets must be adjusted.

What is managed access control?
That's where access control comes into play. And with comprehensive managed services offered by BranchServ, you can be confident that only the people who are supposed to have access to various doors, assets and resources actually do. Indeed, we help you ensure that your access control system is optimized to perform as well as it should.

We accomplish this by integrating state-of-the-art technologies and assisting with proactive monitoring, passcode maintenance and access rule implementation. Access control solutions ultimately coalesce the video surveillance and alarm pieces of your security framework so they work together in a collaborative fashion.

Begin at the beginning: Why an access control solution beats traditional keying
Keying expenses alone can be substantial and even more so to re-key — averaging between $800 and $1,000 annually per branch.

"The cost to re-key averages between $800 and $1,000 annually per branch."

You may want to consider going without keys entirely. With a keyless system, your facility can not only avoid the ongoing hassle and headache of rekeying whenever personnel changes occur, but save money by eliminating this chore altogether. This is made possible by leveraging a keyless access and entry system, which we at BranchServ can install for you seamlessly.

The investment will more than pay for itself through enhanced productivity, efficiency and diminished downtime. Also, if you or one of your staff members misplace their key fob, not to worry; keyless systems can be deactivated in mere minutes, at no additional cost or loss if the fob winds up in the wrong hands.

How to optimize your access control solution
As we've written in previous articles, security is uniquely important to financial institutions, given the sheer value of human and physical assets under your roof on any given day. It is therefore essential that once your FI does adopt an access control solution, it commits to maintaining it properly. This requires real-time, accurate changes to access permissions within the branch network in response to any adjustments in personnel. Furthermore, equipment must be properly maintained with regular service, and this includes attention to firmware. Leveraging updates supports your ability to maximize equipment capabilities. BranchServ steps in to address all of this so your facility avoids vulnerability, whether the threats are internal or external.

Accurate time-stamp recordkeeping
It isn't just about who has access to certain assets of your facility, but when — be it the day, hour or minute. In off hours, too, knowing which doors were accessed by whom and when can provide key clues to suspicious activity.

"Access control managed services help you create customized reporting that is specific to the needs of your institution."

BranchServ's access control managed services help you create customized reporting that is specific to the needs of your institution. This will ensure that you don't miss a beat when it comes to security. You'll know exactly when doors were opened and closed — and for how long. Furthermore, we can identify instances when attempts were made. This can provide you with the intelligence you need to inform relevant parties (such as the police) and install the appropriate reinforcements, whether through security equipment or personnel.

Regular penetration testing
Access control is about more than assigning who has entry permissions; it's also about ensuring the physical security systems and components you have in place deny entry.

At any given moment, sensors, doors and scanners can malfunction, putting your facility into a highly vulnerable position. Penetration testing guards against weaknesses so you can not just assume that your FI is safe — but know it. Penetration testing for security systems also helps with compliance so protocols are followed and are doing everything possible to remain vigilant.

Access control is truly pivotal to your bank's various security elements; it's ultimately what brings them all together. In short, if access control and video surveillance are the "strings," access control is the knot.

BranchServ can tie them all together for you so breaches and break-ins are the least of your concerns. For more information on our managed services and equipment, contact us today.