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SafePak Has Your FI’s Back

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how secure is your financial institution? Answers may vary, but it's safe to say that your FI can't afford to be anything less than a solid 10. The same thing applies to your efficiency, especially with increased pressure on the bottom line. SafePak, a seamless solution for the night depository, delivers on both.

What is SafePak?
SafePak is an intuitive, inconspicuous ATM and night depository bag solution that can dramatically enhance your FI's security capabilities. Through self-locking, tamper-resistant bags that are sleekly designed to enhance discreetness, SafePak features built-in electronic sensors that are capable of detecting any efforts to steal the bag's contents, such as cash, checks, money orders or other physical assets. The bags come in various sizes so you can pick what is most conducive to your facility's depository needs as dictated by your commercial clientele.

What makes SafePak a smart investment in the current economic environment?
Today's FIs have to be jacks of all trades; they do a little bit of everything when it comes to financial services, from loans to checking accounts to advisory needs and so much more. But one thing they've always been is a safe space, one that customers can count on to keep their savings fully secure. This extends far beyond consumers to business owners, who visit FIs like yours to ensure the safe deposit of their earnings. SafePak provides you with the knowledge and reassurance that these transactions are fully defended – even those delivered during off hours.

Delivers speed
Once deposits are made, they of course need to be retrieved. But as you no doubt understand, this process isn't exactly expeditious, especially when you factor in the need to consolidate from multiple depository sites.

"If time is money, you'll have lots more of it thanks to SafePak."

Thanks to the system's proprietary TamperCheck monitoring device, what previously took your cash-in-transit carrier team 10 to 20 minutes in on-site processing time will be cut significantly to less than 2 minutes. If time is money, you'll have lots more of it thanks to SafePak streamlining the formerly arduous process.

You'll also make armored car theft more difficult by reducing crimes of opportunity, which grow with every extra second these outdoor tasks take.

Reduces costs by boosting employee productivity
Just as time wasted is money lost, the same goes for how you use your personnel. Staffing is inherently finite and taking individuals away from one important task to do another can adversely affect overall productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line.

SafePak solves this conundrum by minimizing the need for bank management oversight for the deposit transfer process and enabling armored car carriers to reduce formerly three-person teams down to two. More manpower to leverage for mission-critical tasks — in tandem with faster retrieval times — can yield significant savings by more effectively and efficiently distributing labor.

"Wherever assets need to go, they'll get there far faster thanks to fewer steps involved."

Deposits delivered earlier
Yet another way SafePak serves your facility above and beyond sheer security is in terms of off-site processing. Wherever the assets need to go, they'll get there far faster because there are fewer steps involved, without sacrificing due diligence. This means deposits will be more likely to arrive before cutoff times for cash letter sends. Additionally, by reducing float-time and item fees, the result is stronger margins for your financial institution.

Ongoing employee monitoring no longer necessary
Finally, enhanced security measures require an all-hands-on-deck approach, combining physical, electronic safety and perhaps your personnel as well. But with SafePak in place, you can get back to the profit-generating aspects of your business by freeing up employees from ongoing monitoring duties. By reducing their responsibilities, you'll ultimately get more out of your staff by allowing them to focus on the services that are most in line with their capabilities. This is what will keep your patrons happy.

For huge savings and deposit protection that you and your customers can trust, SafePak gets it done. For more information on SafePak and any of our other signature products and services at BranchServ, please contact us today.