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In Times of Crisis, BranchServ Delivers

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"These are the times that try men's souls."

Those were the immortal words of Thomas Paine, the political activist and philosopher who wrote "Common Sense," a tome historians say played an indispensable role in persuading many on-the-fence colonists to become more full-fledged supporters of the American independence movement.

Even though the phrase originated hundreds of years ago, it is quite applicable to these uncertain times. Governments, businesses and industry leaders have been forced to make extraordinarily difficult decisions balancing economic concerns and public health. As it always does, time will tell how choices designed to reduce the adverse effects of the pandemic will manifest themselves.

Of all the industries presented with tough choices, banking may lead the pack. How do we know? We've seen it first-hand over the past few months. Branch networks nationwide are under immense pressure in the face of this crisis. As such, now is the time that they need service providers they can count on. At BranchServ, we understand that our ability to address FI challenges is critical to our mutual success. We remain dedicated to being here for our customers when they need us the most.

Demand for drive-up repair services
BranchServ has seen a lot over the years, but the uptick in drive-up service demand is simply unprecedented. Indeed, drive-up requests constituted 36% of our call volume in April alone, and there is no sign of slowing. As recently as February, drive-thrus at financial institutions were nothing to write home about. Sure, people were still using them, but they were often overlooked and labeled as "old school convenience," as we noted in a fairly recent blog post.

"Many branches have closed their entrances to walk-in customers to advance social distancing measures."

This has perhaps forever changed. Drive-ups are busier than ever, as many branches have adjusted branch operations in support of social distancing. Noted by Reuters, many FIs are relying almost exclusively on ATM, drive-thru or by-appointment only visits. This subsequently escalates the need for attention when it comes to equipment workhorses.

BranchServ is already a leader in terms of service metrics, but on behalf of its customers, we took this opportunity to raise the bar. Despite the tremendous influx in drive-up calls, we at BranchServ are both beating our internal standards and exceeding our customers' expectations when it comes to response times and first-time completion rates. Both standard and emergency requests have more than doubled, but we have reallocated resources to ensure full response to drive-up requirements – should they be pneumatic tube systems, audio or deal drawers. This supports seamless customer interactions at the branch level. 

But that's not all.

Customer-facing technology needs
Financial institutions generally maintain ATMs and customer-facing technology with a more consistent cadence of attention. That said, with increased use, issues can and do arise. 

BranchServ treats all ATM, ITM/advanced terminal and cash recycler calls as emergencies. After all, in some cases, there may just be one machine on site. If it ceases to function, it poses a huge inconvenience for customers and is a very poor reflection on the bank or credit union. Nobody wants to tell their customer to head to another branch. BranchServ therefore strives for an aggressive response time metric and consistently over-delivers.

Ready to take the call
Banks and credit unions are universally devoting more resources to their call centers. As ATM Marketplace recently reported, in-branch banking has largely been put on hold to contain the spread, so services that might normally be done in person are handled via telephone. The growth in volume has led to delays for customers and added stress for associates.

Our Resource Operations Center and satellite call centers have also witnessed dramatic growth in volume, yet we've been able to adapt through responsive advanced call management technology. Real-time technician status mapping, GPS tracking and proprietary route optimization ensures the fastest possible response so your problems become solutions faster.  Furthermore, our technicians keep showing up, embracing new safety and operational procedures and getting the job done right.

At BranchServ, service is the cornerstone of everything we do, and we could not be prouder of our Resource Operations Center and our team of dedicated technicians who give 110% for our customers. We're truly invested in the success of the banks and credit unions we serve and remain committed to supporting their resilience in times of crisis. Let us demonstrate our commitment to you. Please contact us today and put our capabilities to the test.