Alarm and access control are two of the solutions you obtain through managed services by BranchServ.

Give and Get More with BranchServ’s Managed Services

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When your customers need financial services, they turn to you and your bank. But when you need services, where do you turn? We have a suggestion: BranchServ; now part of Convergint Technologies.

For over over 20 years, the experts at BranchServ have equipped financial institutions nationwide with cutting edge electronic security including alarm, access control and video. That said, industry advances can be likened more to a revolution than an evolution. Technological advancements continue to roll out rapid-fire, challenging adopters to keep up with upgrades and implementation.

"Managed services shore up your internal resources and give you the assistance to better manage electronic security."

Your financial institution can benefit, in this case, by partnering with an expert in the field. Managed services furnished by BranchServ shore up your internal resources and give you the assistance you need to better manage electronic security. Whether you just need help getting started or are looking to outsource for long-term optimization of equipment performance and compliance, BranchServ has a solution for your financial institution.

Here's what we mean:

Video surveillance
As a decision maker for your FI, visibility into what's going on at your locations is critical to managing security and reducing risk. BranchServ offers the most state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and software on the market that delivers on both.

But as you know, video surveillance is about so much more than the technology itself, which is why BranchServ has introduced a unique managed services offering that begins with:

  • Annual review of best practices and compliance management: BranchServ brings you up to speed with regard to video optimization efforts industry-wide and advises you accordingly. Moreover, we ensure that your video is consistently aligned with regulatory requirements.
  • On-site equipment tune-ups: We deploy technicians to come to your facilities to make sure your surveillance is performing as expected. And we do it without you having to ask.
  • DVR back-ups: BranchServ ensures that the individual properties of each one of your DVRs are saved automatically so they can be read and compared to previous versions.

And trust us, these managed services for video surveillance are barely scratching the surface; they also include firmware updates, password management and analytics support should you opt for our professional services bundle. Want even more? Consider customizing your own managed services offering with BranchServ.

When there is a detected breach at your facility, you should be the very first to know about it, whether it's a false alarm or the real thing. BranchServ assures that you are with ongoing alarm monitoring and remote diagnostics. Remote diagnostics can prevent the dispatch of a technician in the event of an erroneous alarm. We do this by pulling the panel history to verify the root cause of what triggered the alarm.

Other basic services include:

  • PIN code changes: When you have employees coming or going, we make the appropriate updates to the system so the proper people are authorized to arm and disarm the panel.
  • Central station portal access: For customers that require authorization, central station management makes this seamless and secure.
  • On-site service: Once a year at a minimum, we'll send a technician to your location(s) to verify systems are functioning satisfactorily.

Again, when you choose our professional services bundle, you'll get these support offerings as well as advanced reporting, annual firmware updates and more. Whether you choose the basic package, professional services or custom, BranchServ delivers managed services your way.

Ongoing pin code changes aren't a problem with managed services.Ongoing pin code changes aren't a problem with managed services.

Access control
As a financial institution maintaining your customers' assets, nothing is more important than 360-degree security. But who has the ability to enter and exit vaults, back rooms and drawers goes beyond PIN codes and password updates. We're aware of this, which is why our access control managed services are truly comprehensive:

  • Configuration assistance: We provide guidance for how to create and establish tiers of access control so they're in line with your employees' roles. BranchServ also validates time zones so they're consistent with wherever your branches are located and updated for daylight saving or standard daylight time.
  • Equipment maintenance service: Much like alarm and video surveillance, the quality of your access control depends on its ability to work so you never have to worry about malfunctions. We aim for quality assurance in this respect by adhering to a maintenance service schedule. Again, just as we do for the alarm and video, we come to you and run diagnostics to ensure that everyone who is authorized access retains this capability. These checks also include risk assessment, so vulnerabilities are squelched.
  • Badge and credential management: As you are well aware, turnover is high in the banking industry. The people who were granted access to certain portions of the facility today may not tomorrow. And with mergers and acquisitions becoming a daily occurrence, you may need to quickly add users if your employee base has grown. BranchServ's badge and credential management will input the necessary updates so personnel changes within your teams are truly seamless.

Summing up
We appreciate the fact that you may be able to handle these tasks on your own. But given the ongoing needs and escalating demands of your customers, multitasking may not cut it. Leave the details to us so you can focus on your most critical big-picture priority: your customers.

To learn more about BranchServ's managed services, including our specialized solutions, contact us today. BranchServ is now part of Convergint Technologies! Read more here.