Cash Recyclers from CV Cash Automation

Shift your branch focus from cash to customer and see real results.



The LTA350 cash recycler from BranchServ  and CV Cash Automation harnesses the power of innovation to increase efficiency, security and cost management at the branch level.  And the LTA350 allows you to build better relationships with your customers, by shifting the focus to them as opposed to cash in hand.

Seize the opportunity to increase your service levels and your profitability. The LTA350 is:

User-Friendly: With intuitive interface and a tilting 8” touchscreen.

Efficient: With continuous feed, quick count functionality, self-audit capabilities and the ability to process up to 12 notes per second.

Convenient: With a compact footprint and clearance ranges.

Secure: With serial number recognition and operational cassettes that reduce floor risk.

Affordable: With flexible integration options that make advanced cash recycling a cost-effective solution for your institution.

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